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Change the world with Alaeeddine in a secure and pretty place for everyone by speaking your motion and give your vote. Alaeeddine is the name of the webdomain of ISA - the Interterritorial Societies of Alaeeddine, a ultra authority that gives the citizen the change to develop a safety self standing life.

Every citizen has the right to speak his motion where other citizens can vote on, the citizen have also the right to vote on motions of other citizens or to choose his desired Society-SuperVisor.

But Alaeeddine is more, if everyone (companies) connected to Alaeeddine you can easily view your jobs and studies and tranfer a nice present to your best friend, loved family or recommended charity.

If you visit any other territorial society then your primary territorial society, you can read all applicable secondary policy and/or tips that can be used.

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What the Calin says...

'Peace is Respect and Realization.'

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