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Interterritorial Societies of Alae Eddine


Alae Eddine (Web) is the General Digital Environment of the Highest Authority,which give the Citizen the possibillity to retrieve declarations and/or to use services which declared in the declarations.

So, it will be possible for the Citizen to manage the finances,to use the right of speak and to use functions that have been declared like requirements and rights in the First Statement.

With the Account the Citizen have the possibillity to recieve more rights to use services of Alae Eddine (Web).
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The Domains, host-packages and security-certificates of Alae Eddine (Web) cost something to (in total between 30 euro and an unprecedented amount) plus the costs to expand Alae Eddine (Web).

You can support Alae Eddine (Web) in different ways.

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