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Interterritorial Societies of Alae Eddine

Interterritorial Societies of Alae EddineISAISA

The Interterritorial Societies of Alae Eddine, abbreviated to ISA, declared like Universitority, like Alae Eddine (Web), The Highest Authority of the Living in the Universe.
  1. Caliph / Calipha
  2. Justice of Alae
  3. First Alliance
  4. Second Alliance
  5. Societies

  1. Alae Eddine (ISA), the Central Autority.
  2. Alae Eddine (Security), the Security Service(s) declared on Alae Eddine (Web).
  3. Alae Eddine (Citizen), the Civil Authority for Citizens.
  4. Alae Eddine (Bank), the Financial Authority of Finances.


Important notifications of the Interterritorial Societies of Alae Eddine.
1Administration FeeAdministration FeeAdministration Fee22-3-6282
2Life FeeLife FeeLife Fee22-3-6282


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The Authority declared in the First Statement, declared in Territory.

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